NEWS RELEASE – 9/20/17

New slate of executive board members elected for 2017-18

At a recent meeting of the Milton Junior Woman’s Club, the new slate of executive board members were elected for the 2017-18 calendar year.

Co-presidents are Patti Dobrindt and Jenifer McNulty; Vice President is Heidi Buckley; and Treasurer is Betsy Thomison.

Ms. Dobrindt joined the MJWC in 2003 and previously served as chair of the Book Club, and most recently served five continuous years as chair of the Milton Road Race Committee.

Ms. McNulty joined the MJWC in 2004 and has previously served as chair of the book club and chair of the Membership Committee.

In 2010, Ms. Buckley joined the MJWC and immersed herself as a valuable key player in the Milton Road Race.

“Jenifer and I are excited to lead the club this year. We believe that the values and mission of this organization, which has stood for generations, are still relevant in our fast-paced time,” said co-president Patti Dobrindt.

“We hope to breathe new life into long-standing club activities and try out some new events to attract fresh interest. Our goal is to provide a place where members – current, past and prospective – feel they can connect and contribute.” Ms. Dobrindt added.

In addition to the executive board, several leadership roles have been filled to-date to include the following chairpersons: Maggie Hale, chair of the Events Committee; Bridget Gaffney, chair of the Milton Road Race Committee; Courtney Linnehan, chair of the Grants Committee; Beth McGee, chair of the Scholarships Committee; Holly Hunt, chair of Meals Coordination; and the Communications Committee co-chairs consisting of: Ayanna Dirion, responsible for the club newsletter, Kathy Keyes, responsible for club publicity and Joanne Achin, responsible for the club website and online presence.